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            Release Notes v1.0.976

            Infrastructure Upgrades
            • We just deployed a significant hardware update that has increased our capacity by 300-400% in total containers the system can handle. We continue to perform density optimization, but our first objective is quality, stability, scalability.
            • Our Alpha Production cluster has 4 servers with a combined total of 512GB of Ram, 128 Processor Cores, and 256 threads.
            • We have a total disk space of 16TB and 4TB in the GlusterFS, where hosting and data files reside for High Availability.

            The latest update released the following fixes and features:

            • WPCL-61 Notification System with email alerts
            • WPCL-62 Improve Deployment Time of New Site Creation
            • WPCL-87 Improve performance on Load Balancer when adding or deleting domain
            • WPCL-93 Load Balancers crashing when site becomes unresponsive
            • WPCL-56 HHVM site crashing after creation and will not stay on line
            • WPCL-59 Fix bug with SSO on PHPMyAdmin
            • WPCL-51 Multi Container site not coming online after creation
            • WPCL-55 Reports not loading on specific sites
            • WPCL-86 Validate Domains before adding to site
            • WPCL-72 Cannot Close Popup Window by clicking X
            • WPCL-53 Fix Redirect on wp-admin/ from port 8080
            • WPCL-63 After FTP Import sites are not coming online

            We also completed installing Intercom and Heap for in app support and analytics.

            Next week will be starting the next sprint and our focus will be the backup system. By the end of next week we will have the backup system completed and the following week focus on container optimization and security. 

            Updated: 27 May 2018 03:33 PM
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