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            Release Notes v1.0.1019

            Last week marked another successful release completing the core components of our backup system. Unlike many systems that run backups on demand or daily, our system backs up every 3 hours, only the files and database fields that have changed. This provides users with the ability to roll back a site to a prior version with a couple clicks. Using the backup system you are able to download the entire archive, create new sites and change the runtime environment, as well as restore directly to production.

            In addition, we did some much-needed updates to the control panel application to make it faster, more stable and scalable.

            Core Backup Feature

            • Backups happening every 3 hours.
            • Ability to Restore Entire Site
            • Ability to Download Entire Site
            • Ability to Create New Sites from Snapshots
            • Ability to Change Runtime Environment on New Site Creation From Backup
            • Integration S3 Offsite Backup Storage


            Bug Fixes

            • Fixed PHP Error on Login
            • WPCL-103 -Fixed 502 Error on Chrome and Safari When logging into control panel
            • Fixed issue where backups will stop after several days


            Control Panel Update

            • WPCL-92 - Control Panel now running on 3 servers vs 1
            • WPCL-92 - Ability to Scale Control panel servers easily as we grow
            • WPCL-92 - Better Redundancy and Performance on Control Panel

            Updated: 27 May 2018 03:33 PM
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