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            HOWTO: Manual Migration

            Create site in Convesio Cloud Manager. Once site is created, do not visit the site or install WordPress.

            Use SFTP to copy the contents of the existing site's pluginsthemes, and uploads  folders to the new site.

            Obtain the database schema and data (one file for each) from the existing site. 
                  Example using HeidiSQL:

                  Export Settings for Schema:

                  Schema Exported
            The table prefixes in this instance are wpbLa_, not the wp_ which is expected by the Convesio platform. We'll fix this after getting the data exported.

                  Data export complete -- note the changed settings

            Now it's time to make any changes to the database files that are needed to ensure compatibility and consistency within the Convesio platorm.

            First, let's fix the table names. Open the schema.sql file in a code or text editor (example uses Notepad ++)


                  If the table prefix is mixed-case, be sure do do a case-insensitive find/replace.
            Otherwise the roles will not be created correctly and you'll be unable to login to the site.

            Here's what the result looks like:


            In order to ensure all tables are created with the same collation, we are going to remove any collation statements from the schema.
            This allows the server's default collation to govern, and avoids problems with queries between tables with different collations.
            The Find term includes either the space before or the space after the collation phrase. The replace term is a single space.

            Also search for the COLLATE= form of the statement:
            The Find term includes the space before the collation phrase. The replace term is a single space.

            There may be multiple collations in the database (usually an artifact from a site that has been moved several times). Be sure to look through the schema file and repeat the above two steps with each collation found.

            Now switch to the data.sql file. Repeat the table prefix find/replace:

            Also do a find/replace for any instances of the old domain name, changing it to the Convesio temporary domain name.
            The main place you'll find the old domain name is in the wp_options table, siteurl and home values.

            Now we're ready to import the database schema and data into Convesio:

            Schema first:


            Then the data

            Now you should be able to visit the temporary site URL and see the working site:

            Updated: 13 Jun 2019 01:23 AM
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